Object Nodes


Object nodes create Carbon objects that can be used in a dynamic simulation when connected to a Carbon Simulation node, even though they are connected to it.


A Carbon object node.

In DOP Networks they have no inputs and require their outputs to be connected to a Houdini Merge node in order for several of them to be connected to the same Carbon Simulation.

In SOP Networks they take whatever geometry inputs are required for each specific nodes.

Node List


Carbon Collider

This node creates an animatable collider object.


Carbon Cloth

This node creates a dynamic cloth object.


Carbon Morph

This node creates a partially deformable collider object.


Carbon Plumage

This node creates a soft or hard plumage from up to three feather types painted on a groom geometry.


Carbon N-Lattice

This node creates an object containing a multitude of lattice geometries that can be used as plumage, foliage, hair, … etc.


Carbon Rigid Body

This node creates a rigid body object.


Carbon Rigid Body Array

This node creates a rigid body object.


Carbon Tetra

This node creates a tetra object.


Carbon Actor

This node creates an anchor point to the world that can be animated.