SOP Network

Simpler to use but also with less features and slightly slower than the DOP Network, the SOP Network implementation of the Carbon Tool library connects directly to the geometry operators.


A simple Carbon Simulation setup in a SOP Network graph, including geometry operators.

The creation of the graph is made directly inside the network graph window using the TAB menu to lay down the Carbon nodes that you will find under the Numerion Carbon/SOP Simulation submenu.

Unlike their DOP Network equivalent, the Carbon nodes directly plug after Houdini’s standard geometry nodes. Selection and painting operations can be started from inside the parameter window of certain nodes.

The Carbon Simulation node contains its own cache and the simulation can be reset from its parameter window.


The DOP Network and SOP Network implementation being mostly similar in features and in parameters, all references and tutorials in this documentation are given for the DOP Network. Simply adapt the SOP Network context the information given in these pages and download the sop version of the examples to learn how to create your own Carbon simulations inside a SOP Network.