Carbon Draping



Relationship node (DOP only).


Draping is a distance constraint between a cloth and a collider fixed position in space that uses both force and velocity controls.

It is a useful constraint for positioning garments in the lead in time to the animation.

Select the Carbon Actor and the Carbon Cloth nodes, then use the drop down menus to select the groups from the list.

Use the Houdini handle to position the destination point.


A Draping constraint.


Input #1: objects

All objects referenced by this relationship must also be connected to this input through a Houdini Merge node for the Carbon Draping node to operate within the Carbon Simulation it is connected to.


Activation activation

Enable this relationship. Use 0 to disable, any other value to enable.

Draping Parameters

Minimum Distance minDistance

The minimum relative distance from the target Actor.

Maximum Velocity maxVelocity

The maximum relative velocity to reach the Minimum Distance from the target Actor.

Force force

The strength of the constraint.

Draping Pairs

Draping Count count

The number of draping pairs generated from this node.

Actor actor#

Carbon Actor object name to use as a frame of reference for this constraint.

Cloth cloth#

The Carbon Cloth object name to use with this constraint.

Group group#

The name of the Houdini point Group from the Cloth geometry SOP that are being draped to the Actor object.

Parameter File

Use Parameter File fileOverride

Replace parameter values by expressions fetching the values from the loaded parameter file. Parameter values from the exclusion filter are left unchanged.

File Name fileName

Json file path to save this node’s current parameters to, and load the parameter file from.

Save save

Save this node’s current parameters to the specified file.

Load load

Load or reload the specified parameter file. As the overriding expressions always fetch values from the last loaded parameter file, and not from the file itself, use this button to refresh the loaded current parameter file with the values on disk.

Reload Every Time The Node Is Loaded reload

Automatically reload the parameter file when the scene is loaded. If the specified file cannot be found then the overriding expressions will use the values of the last loaded parameter file instead.

Exclusion Filter exclusionFilter

The exclusion filter allows to select which of the parameters are not to be replaced by the overriding expressions, therefore keeping their original values while all other parameters will evaluate with the values set from the last loaded parameter file.

Guide Geometry

Show Pins showguide

Display the draping pins as colored lines between the Actor and Cloth objects.

Pins colorPinsr colorPinsg colorPinsb

Color used to draw the pins when Show Pins is toggled on.