Carbon Override



Solver node (DOP only).


This solver node enforces updates of Carbon objects’ geometry before or after a Carbon Simulation solver within a multisolver context. It only affects soft deforming objects which are created when using a Carbon Cloth, Carbon Morph, or the Carbon Tetra nodes. This node has no effect of its own and must be used in conjunction with the Carbon Simulation solver and another solver node such as the Houdini SOP Solver when a non-Carbon solver interaction is required.


An example of Carbon Simulation Override.

Attach a Carbon Collider node together with a Carbon Cloth node to a merge node, then the merge node to a Multiple Solver node’s first input. Attach a SOP Solver, a Carbon Override, and a Carbon Simulation to the second input to form a simple simulation with override. Then double-click on the SOP Solver to edit and create your override network.



This node must be placed before (as pre-override) and not after (as post-override) the Carbon Simulation solver in the Multi Solver input list. Using this node in post-override mode will generate a warning as enforcing positions rather than suggesting them will lead to instabilities in most cases. This is due to the nature of the implicit forces generated.


Input #1: objects

Any Object Nodes, Relationship Nodes and Solver Data Nodes used in this simulation.


Enable Override enable

Enable Carbon objects’ geometry override. This parameter can be animated to enable/disable the forced geometry updates to the Carbon Simulation solver when required.

Debug Output

Output Console Messages debug

Enable console output messages.