Painted Attribute Maps

Parameters that have both a base and a range value can be set per point.

This is done in Houdini by attaching a single float point attribute to the geometry using an Attribute Create node, with the name of the parameter set as the name of the attribute (see individual Carbon Cloth, Carbon Morph and Carbon Tetra parameter references for the exact name to be given to the point attribute).

Alternatively, the Carbon Attribute Copy node can be used. Simply toggle the wanted parameter to create the attribute.

The attribute can then be painted over the geometry with any values between 0 and 1 using a Houdini paint node.

The Carbon Simulation will then interpret these values using the following formula:

value = base + range * attribute

If the range is set to zero (as per default setting) then the point attribute is simply ignored and only is base value is used:

value = base + 0 * attribute = base

The range can be either positive or negative allowing a greater flexibility in the resulting values:

value = base + -20 * attribute

value = base + 20 * attribute


Painted attribute map with different base and range values.