Known Issues

List of known issues or limitations with Houdini or the Carbon plugin, and their workaround when known.

For the latest list, please visit:

Cloth Edge Collision mode requires valid Edge Groups.

If the Edge Group is left empty, or if the Edge Group is invalid, all faces are used for the collision geometry instead.

Tailored cloth model only works with triangle geometry.

When using the Tailored cloth model, please be aware that this only works with triangle geometry. Quad meshes are not supported at this stage.

Outer Fatness/Thickness for Carbon Cloth is not applied correctly.

Due to a bug in Carbon Cloth for DOP and SOP, any Outer Fatness or Thickness value set in the UI is internally being applied as half that value. Because fixing this bug will have a big impact on any existing scenes, this will be addressed in the next major version plugin release.

Geometry Guides don’t update.

Reset the simulation to see the Geometry Guides correctly drawn.

Relationship nodes such as Carbon Binding, Carbon Stitching, … etc. don’t respond well to be included inside a digital asset as the list parameters don’t call their callback scripts when they are modified programatically.

Use either opparm -C or hou.Parm.pressButton() on the list parameters such as cloth#, group# …etc.

Renaming obj nodes such as cloth/colliders breaks relationship setup as they keep the old names.

There are currently no known workarounds to this issue.

Houdini Help browser prevents downloads.

The default Houdini Help browser does not support clickable links for file downloads. Fix by setting environment variable HOUDINI_EXTERNAL_HELP_BROWSER = 1 to use your system browser rather than Houdini’s internal one.

Carbon Simulation Panic timer does not prevent continued execution in non-UI mode in Houdini 17.0 and 17.5.

Calling for example render through a shell script (i.e. hython), where the output of a Carbon Simulation is to be rendered, will not stop rendering when the Carbon Simulation Panic timer triggers. This is due to a bug in Houdini where errors on Carbon Simulation nodes do not propagate through DOP imports, i.e. from DOP to SOP, in non-UI mode. This is not an issue in UI mode, which uses an UT_Interrupt.

Known work-arounds:

  • After retrieving the simulated geometry via a DOP Import node, attach an Error SOP, and query Simulation errors to trigger a local error:

  • After retrieving the simulated geometry via a DOP Import node, attach an Error SOP, and query error details attribute to trigger a local error. The error attribute is only placed on Carbon Morph, Carbon Cloth, Carbon Collider, Carbon Tetra, Carbon Lattice, and Carbon Plumage.