A Carbon Morph is a mixture of Carbon Collider and Carbon Cloth objects and combines the strengths of both worlds. A Painted Attribute Map allows to mark which parts of a morph should become a collider and which parts should behave like a cloth.

There are mainly two applications for Carbon Morph objects:

  • Clean up animation by turning parts of the Carbon Collider deformable.
  • Create secondary effects, like skin deformation for more realism.

Often, both go hand in hand. Imagine an animated character with a large belly. The animator might purposely decide to animate the hands to penetrate the belly, knowing that when the area is turned into a morph, the hands will deform the belly in a physically plausible way. Not only is this solution faster than hand animating the character deformation, but also more realistic.

The first tutorial focuses on cleaning up the animation in certain areas, such as the character’s armpits while the second outlines the recommended sequence for setting up a Carbon Morph in order to create more believable character deformations.